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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hello Sisters and Brothers in Christ our true food...The fresh Hot bread of life!  I am glad to share a little each day about what is going on in the ministry and lives of the Christian Culinary Academy.  Today at the Christian Culinary Academy's lesson on International Cuisine took us on a trip where we landed in India!  Spiritual home of many of the worlds religions namely Hinduism  Christianity, Buddhism and Islam.  A very religious country...it is also the mother country or region where for 7000 years what has influenced us all...Spices!    indeed the spice of life...Seasoning...We are encouraged to be seasoning in this world we live in...In Mathew, Luke, and Mark  we are told about Salt and to be salt...and the historical heritage of Indian food  is full of such seasonings  to tickle please and stimulate the palate. Indeed Salt's main partner in seasoning is Pepper  some call it the king of spices.   Culinary herbs work hand in hand with medical , healing herbs...the basis of modern medicine...Food that restores and rejuvenates,   Taste and See that the Lord is good  we are also told to "Chew on" or meditate on the Word and on the very presence of God in our thoughts mind and body...one sister shared "Cows spend about one-third of their day eating, consuming 45-90 pounds of food and 25-50 gallons of water daily. Yes, they eat a lot and often."
      The challenge to Christians is to likewise, eat a lot and often from the Living Word and drink deeply from the well of life! When Jesus was hungry after fasting forty days and nights, the devil tempted Him by saying He should turn stones into bread.  Jesus answered “It is written ‘Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God!”(Matthew 4:4)  We are “man”!  We live by every word which comes from the mouth of God therefore we must spend our time eating His Word and we should eat a lot and often, taking huge bites of His Word to get it into our spirits!  Spices are mentioned in the Bible as precious things to be tithed,..  in Mathew 23:23 You give a tenth of your spices--mint, dill and cumin.   and suffice it to say many spices and herbs are mentioned in the Bible  for food seasoning healing and in worship...from eating to balms and salves, to incense ....enjoy that search!    
So today starts a new journey into what God has for me  After experiencing Resurrection Sunday, Easter ...I am reminded that I like to share that each and every day is Easter, and Christmas, and Pentecost...and each day another chance, another opportunity to repent, to adjust course, to fly right and carry the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ...let us share that and thank you for allowing myself and my wife to share the Word and hopefully encouragement and insight.  Love is the main spice....Jesus the bread of life....Amen?
Thank you 
Leo and Cat