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Friday, June 23, 2017

The practice of the presence...Acts...Amen?

“There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful, than that of a continual conversation with God; those only can comprehend it who practice and experience it.”
Brother Lawrence

     One of the special things I love about my wife...her continual conversation and verbal communication and as a co-Chef our conversations are like those we would have in the kitchens of our world...things said...understood, and celebrated as we come together in co-creating culinary memories...giving praise , honor, and glory to Our Father Son and Holy Spirit...It is like a soundtrack of our lives...
     So I just want to encourage you all to keep in communication...Communion if you will, With, For and Of Our Lord and Master...and let it lead into actions...Words alone...thoughts alone...are not enough...Actions...all that leads to the fruits of our connectedness in the Vine...Good Fruit.  Taste and See!  I do pray that I can recieve words to share, thoughts an prayers to share...actions...to share...that lead to Fruit...to share...
     The fish and bread that fed the multitudes were things...stuff...but when the Words of the story, the recollections (thoughts) of the events, and actions when we re-create that moment in our community sharing celebrating of the meal He wanted so much to share with His friends...He continues to want to share with us...
     It's groovy Summer time schools are out, vacations are being planned and enjoyed...respite and rejoicing are all over.  God's nature...the beauty of the world and the miracle of creation we get to walk in each day...the moment we get to breathe in His presence...and exhale His Life present in us...those who chose!  For those who chose the relationship with the Living Son of God Jesus there is not just an eternity but a Now...THIS is the day...Amen?
Choose wisely chuckling...I am reminded by that line from a movie you all may be acquainted with and as summer time is one for movies as many  are off for the summer looking for entertainment...(and hopefully some groovy missions work  ;)
     ...Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  where the search is on for the Holy Grail...in the ending scenes the hero and bad guys encountered a Grail Knight who spoke the line..."But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you..."

Choose wisely seek Wisdom from God...Lady Wisdom is calling out to share it with us...

Rock and Roll!

Jesus is the Rock and we Roll!

OK here's a couple clips Pass the Popcorn! Enjoy!



Sunday, June 18, 2017

Call for you...line 1...

God Morning! Our Father doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED! funny after I wrote this down I got a un-requested confirmation from Chef Patrick on the faces book...We just gotta be willing...and like Our Father who's yes is Amen....So this morning as I have my Coffee with Jesus I say " OK what are we gonna do today?" I hear "Just be ready, I go before you"...
So Blessed this "Our Father's Day" Created in His image got a word today about that...We were created with His nature so to speak His DNA coursing through us spiritually ...in our relationship with the person Of God Jesus who put His "touch" on us ...New every day as I was reminded by Pastor Lovelady this morning...
Wow lots of good encouragement including encouragement about beng an encourager! Wow JOL! ( Joy of the Lord)
Pondering God's creative spirit in us as He speaks and leads and guides us into a ministry....Yeah Groovy Graham Cooke posted this which was...encouraging and edifying: Your testimony is the beginning of your ministry. Every time you set someone free, that’s revenge. The enemy has to live to regret that he ever messed with you. You have to make him pay again, and again, and again, and again. You have to rub his nose in it! That is really what generates our ambition in the Kingdom.
(from Living Your Truest Identity)
So I just wanted to encourage you to read the Acts of the Apostles....trying to keep up with some other brethren and Sistren who are doing likewise...its good to read learn and share...I am hoping that may happen here...

Oh! Also wanted to start posting some groovy quotes from the "patron Saint" of food service folks. Brother Lawrence from "The Practice of the Presence of God" ( that's what its all about amen?) Try this one on for size...
“Let us think often that our only business in this life is to please God. Perhaps all besides is but folly and vanity. ”
Brother Lawrence

Rock and Roll...!...Jesus is the Rock!...and we ROLL!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summmmmer tiiiime and the livin' is eas...er Buzzzzzy!

That is a groovy old song

Ella and Satchmo...grooooovy (link)

thinking about for some...the lazy hazy days of summer vacations and warmer weather....well for some it is a time to get busier! God has us on a Co-Mission! He never changes, stops, or as Jesus showed us He is the Lord of the Sabbath! I love the Acts it is a spiritual and historical heritage of what obedient servants did committed to His working through them. Not just 24-7 more like 25-8! Haha that is how I describe having/running a restaurant...can I get a big Amen?

...So...I encourage you to read the Acts....I am sharing a little word about them as we Rock and Roll along on His Path, His Way, and in His Light, Truth and Life ....lets roll to Ch 12...

and ponder ( Thank you Pastor Kelly!)

"Acts 12. satan is active. He gets some licks in. But God ultimately wins and wins bigly! James is killed by Herod. Peter is arrested and is scheduled to die next. God's people pray. An angel is sent to miraculously deliver Peter. Herod is killed by God for his pride and blasphemy. Don't quit when Satan gets a few licks in. Pray and keep pushing forward. We will ultimately win. Go get your next victory!"

Amen and Amen! Go!.. the first two letters in GOD...and get it!

Rock and Roll Sisters and Brothers!

Jesus is the Rock...and we ROLL!

Chef Leo

In times like these its good to know there have always been...Times like these...

Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Summer everyone!

This has been an amazing winter and fall seasons all folding into a new "season" of life...or lives conjoining together as mine and my new Wife Chef Lissette have been growing into...God is Good! And as many know Chef Ira and new Wife Abby were married this spring also!  Making ALL things New!  ...and our ultimate testimony is that we are living proof of that...This would not be... unless God was wholeheartedly in it!  Wow...amazing...Just as the Christian Culinary Academy Class of 2016-17 steps into a new season  we rejoice with them and with you who have supported continue and pray for all that Our Father is doing in lives and through the gifts He gave us to do that...If any of you has not received a recent CCI Newsletter in your email we are using a new server.  This is also a reminder to resubscribe to the Newsletter and to be encouraged that your prayers for us have worked!  And will continue as God never changes His Love ...
So ...as we continue to seek first the Kingdom of God...and of Him first in our lives, our relationship with Him grows exponentially as does ours in our marriages...
Praying you all are being touched and held in His Love...Just wanted to share some good words from His Word...We thank you for being ..co-believers and co-"missioned" with His Great commission to "God and make disciples..." In our going and coming we all know the importance and blessing of running to and diving into the Word of God and as we "Act" on our parts it is good to read of those "Acts" of the apostles...We encourage you to do so... Taste and See!  That God is good!  
From Good input from Pastor Kelly Lineberry on chapters 9, 10 and 11 of Acts ...God Bless and Rock and Roll!  Jesus is the Rock and we Roll!
Acts 9. What do you do when you realize you are wrong? I'm thinking there are areas in our life where we are wrong and God is trying to get our attention to guide us into truth and a better way. We all need to be teachable. Saul was so wrong and so blind to it that God had to knock him off his high horse, shine a bright light in his eyes and physically blind him to get his attention! 
Sometimes we are so entrenched on a certain position with people and situations. Sometimes we are stubborn at the wrong times and in the wrong ways. Sometimes we are fighting God and His will.
When Saul (later named the Apostle Paul) finally realized he was wrong he asked this amazing question, "Lord, what do you want me to do?" We might want to ask that as well. Jesus is Lord and we should acknowledge that. Then we should discover what He wants us to do, and then we should do it. Give God your yes! It is the very best thing you can do with your life.
Acts 10. This chapter gives us the details of a huge and controversial shift in the church. God uses Peter and a Roman soldier to declare that the Law and the Old Covenant have been fulfilled. There is a new covenant and a new way now. The blood of Jesus cleanses all, and anyone, who believes on Him. It took people of prayer and fasting, angels appearing, visions and Holy Spirit speaking clearly to get this to happen. When Peter entered Cornelius' house he began to teach them about Jesus, His love, His power, His death and resurrection ... then Holy Spirit came and filled them all and they all began to speak in tongues and worship God. That was the big evidence that Gentiles were included and accepted in the church without any works of the law. Still today the anointing and presence of Holy Spirit reveals many things to us. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and He dwells within us to lead, guide, comfort and empower. Anyone can be saved! Anyone can be filled with Holy Spirit!

Acts 11. Contention arose in the church against Peter. Tradition was broken and some Apostles and brethren were concerned and wanted to defend tradition. The great thing is they had a conversation with Peter and listened to his explanation. After hearing about the vision, the words of God, the angel and the baptism with the Holy Spirit accompanied with speaking in tongues ... they stopped the contention and glorified God for the work of salvation He was doing in other people groups!
That is a great pattern still today when contention arises in the church or even in relationships. Stop, have a conversation or two, or three ... listen to each other's heart. Consider the motives and what God is doing, and work it out until you have unity again.
It took many more conversations, prayer meetings, experiences, adjustments ... but eventually the church grew, people came together, ministry expanded and they continued to work on unity and the progression of God's will. God is moving. He does new things. He reaches out to all people. He has new emphasis and new methods quite often. It is true that God doesn't change personally but we see in scriptures that His methods and movements and directives change quite often. Think about the differences from Adam to Abraham to Moses to David to Isaiah to Jeremiah to Daniel to John the Baptist to Jesus to Paul to Constantine to Martin Luther to Azusa Street to all the changes in the last 100 years ... (I know I skipped a bunch but you get the idea)
Core Biblical doctrines never change but many other things do, traditions sometimes change ... keep having lots of conversations. Don't allow contentions to grow. Work hard to understand and be in step with God. Work hard on unity. Don't change because of emotions or society but do change because of the Holy Spirit's directives and leading.